Community All-Hands 7
❄️ Winter edition

Join the 7th Community All-Hands, a quarterly online event that brings the Docker community together!

This global meetup features community news, company and product updates, demos, and language-specific sessions.

For this edition, we’ll be splitting the content in two days. Join the Youtube stream below!

📌 Thursday, December the 15th, 8:00 AM Pacific Time. A more interactive first day, featuring talks of exciting trends like WASM and Docker Extensions, interviews and the traditional Docker updates and Community Awards!

📌 Friday, December the 16th, 8:00 AM Pacific Time. Workshops day! Learn how to use Docker with your favorite programming language.

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A special surprise just for you!

Javier Alonso, a Product Designer, has created visual notes for our two use-case talks! Check them out below!

Thumbnail of visual notes created for the 'Docker made it to space! NASA'S DART project' talk
"Docker made it to space! NASA'S DART project"

PNG Download (2.9 MB)

Thumbnail of visual notes created for the 'Tracking genome sequence data of cancer patients with Docker' talk
"Tracking genome sequence data of cancer patients with Docker"

PNG Download (2.9 MB)

Community All-Hands agenda !

Choose your own adventure: keep up with the latest technologies or language-specific workshops.

🎙 December the 15th. Update on the latest tech

A focus on exciting trends (like WASM and Docker Extensions), interviews, and the traditional Docker updates and Community Awards!

8:00am PST - Welcome to the 7th Community All-Hands!

by Michael Irwin (Sr. Manager, DevRel at Docker)

8:10am PST - A message from the CEO

by Scott Johnston (CEO of Docker)

8:20am PST - Docker made it to space! NASA'S DART project

Docker Captain Nelson Djalo chats with Luis M. Rodriguez, Flight Software Engineer (JHU Applied Physics Lab) about NASA's DART project.

8:45am PST - Latest and greatest on Docker Extensions

by Benjamin Grandfond (Sr Engineer at Docker) and Alba Roza (DevRel at Docker)

8:55am PST - Creating a Hoppscotch Docker Extension for API Development

by Docker Captains Edith Puclla and James Spurin

9:05am PST - Community Partners Extensions

Docker Captain Ajeet Raina talks to Joyce Lin (Postman), Versilis Tyson (Akita Software), and Prakhar Srivastav (Dive) about their Docker Extensions

9:30am PST - Cloud Native WebAssembly. What's all the hype?

A conversation between Docker Captains Nigel Poulton and Bret Fisher

10:00am PST - Docker and WebAssembly, better together

by Asen Alexandrov and Daniel López Ridruejo (Office of the CTO〡WASM Labs @ VMware)

10:30am PST - WebAssembly, Docker, Containerd, and K8s in 10 Minutes

by Ralph Squillace (Principal Product Manager at Microsoft)

10:05am PST - Tracking genome sequence data of cancer patients with Docker

Docker Captain Francesco Ciulla interviews Dr. Chris Miller, a bioinformatic developer from the Washington University School of Medicine

11:10am PST - Community updates and awards!

Eva Bojorges and Alba Roza (DevRel at Docker) will introduce the latest news on the community and will recognize the top contributors of the Docker community.

11:20am PST - See you tomorrow!

by Michael Irwin (Sr. Manager, DevRel at Docker). Tune in to find out more about the art Javier Alonso has been working on, and how to get it!

🎓 December the 16th. Language-specific workshops

Four workshops. Four programming languages and frameworks. Dare to take them all?

08:00am PST - Introduction/Day Kickoff

by Michael Irwin (Sr. Manager, DevRel at Docker)

08:10am PST - Move Mountains With Next.js and Compose

by Max Proske (Development Team Lead @ SIX12 Creative)

08:40am PST - How to create a great local Python development environment with Docker

by Patrick Loeber (Developer Advocate @ AssemblyAI)

09:10am PST - About the best development tooling in the world

by Oleg Šelajev (Lead Developer Advocate @ AtomicJar)

09:30am PST - Best practices for production-ready .NET Docker images

by Docker Captain Tobias Fenster (Managing Partner at 4PS Germany)

09:50am PST - See you soon!

by Michael Irwin (Sr. Manager, DevRel at Docker)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the talks be recorded and shared?

Yes! All talks will be shared at the conclusion of the event on the Docker YouTube channel.

How do I join the event?

This event is running solely on YouTube. Click the "Join Stream" button at the top of the page to join in!

Is registration required to join the event?

No! No registration is required to join the event. Simply join the YouTube stream!

Can I host a watch party?

Absolutely! And if you do so, share a photo on Twitter and tag @Docker to let us know!